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Have you ever wonder if there was a way to access your personal computer while you are away? Or, are you a tech savvy who constantly contacted by your far away acquaintances to fix their computer? Enter TeamViewer, a software where you can remotely access computer wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. While it requires payment if you use it commercially, you can use it for free for personal usage. Interested? Here is a review of doing remote desktop using TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Full Review

Initially launched in 2005, TeamViewer has been installed on over 2 billion devices all over the world. It supports more than 30 languages to ease your way in using the software. A lot of companies use TeamViewer to improve their daily routine. From IT support to operation of medical equipment in space, TeamViewer makes it possible.

To start remote desktop using TeamViewer, download and install the TeamViewer software. After TeamViewer installed, it would generate a unique ID and password which you enter to your device that will be used for controlling the desktop. The ID is tied to the computer and will not change even if you update or reinstall the software. Therefore, if you want to reconnect to the same computer some other time, you don’t need to repeat the process from scratch. You can control a remote dekstop through TeamViewer desktop program, mobile device, or even an internet browser.

The pros in using TeamViewer are the software is free to use, easy setup, and you can use it using desktop computer or mobile devices. Although there is a lot to like about TeamViewer, it also has some cons. It cannot be used for free in commercial setting and might stop working if TeamViewer thinks you are using it for commercial reasons.


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